Our Mission

Our mission at Granny’s Place is to enrich the lives of the Elderly we serve in a safe, protective, and loving extended family environment and provide peace of mind for their families through responsible, pro-active care, communication and partnership.


  • We embrace each resident with sincere respect, mature awareness, personal dignity and professional loving care.
  • We offer home style living for seniors.
  • We provide sensitive, caring, responsive environment.
  • We design individualized care plans designed to meet the unique needs of each resident.
  • We offer bright, open spacious homes.
  • We prepare outstanding home-cooked meals with well balanced nutrition.
  • We can arrange visits from our house physician on call.
  • We provide daily social and recreational programs.
  • We staff Granny’s Place with two full-time care givers for each home, a full-time Administrator plus a professional Activities Director.
  • We are dedicated to creating a “cared for” feeling which results in improved health, increased function, more energy, continuance of independence, an increased desire to live and a happier person.


We are guided by the principle that our residents’ are a gift to love and serve and their best interest is our priority, it guides all our decisions and behavior.


We believe that quality of life and longevity are enhanced through a broad range of activities that build on current capabilities, draw from life achievements and joys and promote physical, cognitive and social stimulation.


We seek to acknowledge the dignity and spirituality of each individual within an extended family environment that emphasizes kindness, mutual respect, teamwork, service and individual commitment to each other and the common good.


We emphasize moral integrity, compassion, spiritual growth and responsibility based on love within our staff and with our residents and their families.