Residents at Granny’s Place enjoy delicious, nutritious home cooked meals every day. There is something about a home-cooked dinner that brings back favorite memories.

At Granny’s Place, caregivers take pride in the nutritious meals they serve every day. Nothing but the best ingredients are used, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Residents often smell the food as it’s being prepared and wander into the kitchen to find out what the next meal will be!

Did you know that people eat with their eyes as well as with their mouths?  Check out how the food looks and is presented.  At Granny’s Place, the meals are beautiful, colorful, and captivating. Not only does it make the resident really want to eat, but residents at Granny’s Place know they are being served nothing but the best.

Home cooked meals are the best option for those with special dietary needs. Granny’s Place can accommodate those who required reduced salt or reduced sugar in their diets. Because they plan meals based on good nutrition, it is easy for them to modify the menu slightly for special needs.

And what about residents who would like to enjoy a family favorite? There are two options here that are sure to please the resident:

  • With a little advance notice, family members are welcome to bring food to Granny’s that can be shared with other residents.
  • Just ask your caregivers if they can plan to serve your favorite dish.

Granny’s serves three meals and provides snacks every day.  It doesn’t get any better!   You will be able to have your preferences and needs heard and applied directly to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And this includes portion control.   Caregivers get to know the residents well, and adjust proportions according to their needs on a regular basis.

Residents feel great knowing their meals are homemade specifically for them.  It is one of the many advantages of living at Granny’s Place, where nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal made with care especially for you.