Socialization Functions

There are lots of opportunities to socialize at Granny’s Place. Residents live in a family home, share meals in the dining areas, participate in outings on a regular basis, and enjoy games, videos, and their guests in the living areas of the home on a regular basis.Cooling Off at Granny's House 4

Spontaneous activities such as cooling down by putting their feet in the water on a warm afternoon (see photo) are encouraged. Guests, including children are welcome to visit and are enjoyed by all the residents and caregivers.





ClaudiaAndHaroldIt has been said that music makes everyone happier and more social.  Claudia’s Sing-A-Longs are held every Friday in each of the Granny’s Place homes.  Residents enjoy old favorites and learn new songs as well.

Through music, our residents with various health conditions are able to live more fully. They are not defined by their conditions or their need for medicines and care. They become engaged members of a supportive community that encourages emotional growth, sharing, and self-worth. This is vitally important to seniors who experience challenges.

Spiritual Enrichment

There are lots of opportunities for prayer and spirituality at Granny’s Place.  In addition to scripture reading, group reading, prayer and medication, volunteers from the local religious community often visit, offering comfort and spirituality with the residents.

For those who request it, a volunteer from St. Killian’s Catholic Church in Mission Viejo brings communion to all the Catholics at Granny’s place each week.

Flexibility & Strength Functions

Residents at Granny’s Place enjoy walking, group and individual exercise, stretching and moving to music, Tai Chi, weights, yoga and more.  When physical therapy exercises are prescribed, guidance will be given and the residents will be given help and encouragement to meet their physical goals.

Fun & Sun Functions

Brenda-PunchBowlResidents at Granny’s Place enjoy regular wheel chair “walking”, fresh air, nature interaction, picnics, pool parties, group exercise, individual exercise, gardening, monthly birthday parties and more.

Caregivers always bring the comforts of home to all the outings – including food, extra sweaters and jackets, and anything else that might be needed when they are away from home.

Small Motor Functions (for dexterity and motor Coordination)

Residents at Granny’s Place enjoy lots of games, including dominos, bingo, checkers and cards.  They enjoy doing puzzles of all types.  Many of the residents enjoy participating in cooking, laundry and other household activities.  Some enjoy sewing, crafts and gardening.  The residents are encouraged to continue with activities that they have enjoyed all their lives.

Gross Motor Functions and Games

Residents enjoy many activities that use gross motor functions, including baseball, basketball, volleyball, group exercise and individual exercise.

Personal Services

Professionals visit regularly for pedicures, manicures, haircuts, facials, and more.  There is assistance available for shopping, reading, writing and more.

Tranquility Functions

Music, Story Reading, Yoga, Pet Therapy, Poetry Reading, Videos are enjoyed by all on a regular basis at each of the Granny’s Place homes.

For more information on our specific activities and schedule for the month, please contact our facility or check our news-feed for the monthly activity schedules.