Welcome to Granny’s Place

Ron Simpson and Resident - Granny's PlaceGranny’s Place offers a warm, loving home with all the services that seniors may require. The entire staff is dedicated to serving and caring for each of the residents.    The residents live in the home as a family member.

Caregiver And Resident

There are activities, both structured and spontaneous, that keep our residents engaged. Well balanced, home cooked meals are varied and delicious! Every detail of the care is provided with a gentle, caring approach. Granny’s Place truly is “just like home”.

We seek to acknowledge the dignity and spirituality of each individual within an extended family environment that emphasizes kindness, mutual respect, teamwork, service and individual commitment to each other and the common good.

Granny's Place Caregiver and Resident
 * Mature Awareness
 * Professional Loving Care
 * 1:3 Staffing Ratio
 * Individualized Care Plan
 * Sensitive, Caring Environment
 * Outstanding Home-Cooked Meals
 * Social & Recreational Programs
 * Medication Management